HST4i, HSTConnect and RoCK (2008-2013)

Stellwerk believes in the allocation of European resources for strategically realizing provincial projects, especially those requiring cross-border engagement. The company’s financial and operational project management have resulted in significant Interreg IIIB contributions, benefiting both the municipality of Heerlen and the Province of Limburg in the realization of the HST4i and HSTConnect projects. The consultants of Stellwerk were hereby closely involved in the construction of railway stations Heerlen-de Kissel, Eygelshoven-Markt and Heerlen-Woonboulevard, as well as in the implementation of the euregional public transport junction (read: bus station) Parkstad Limburg. Extending these contributions, Stellwerk formulated the [+]

L42n/bypass Abdissenbosch (2010-2013)

Stellwerk was involved in the realization of the L42n connecting road as part of the project Buitenring, commissioned by the municipality of Landgraaf and the Province of Limburg. In deliberation with sir Snijders of the Province, Stellwerk provided three delegates with adequate information and contacts for strategic process management. Our company also facilitated and accompanied correspondence with the Minister of Transport in Nordrhein-Westfalen throughout the course of the project. 

De Limburg Lijnen (2012)

Stellwerk provided a significant contribution to the realisation of the provincial PS initiative memorandum ‘De Limburg Lijnen’ in the form of drawings and input, helping to explicate the ambitions of the Province of Limburg in a clear and compact message.

Stops Baexem and Haelen (2012-2013)  

At the request of the municipality of Leudal, Stellwerk formulated a hands-on approach regarding a regional train project aimed at connecting the cities of Roermond and Weert. In accordance with what was formulated in ‘De Limburg Lijnen’, Stellwerk mapped out the possibilities for this connection and calculated the (limited) exploitation shortage based on known key numbers from the regional public transport. Based on this knowledge, consultant Stellwerk successfully suggested adaptation of the underlying bus network in a strategic management plan.