Stellwerk is a reliable consulting partner that offers knowledge and manpower in support of long-term improvement of economic structures regarding (cross-border) projects for governments and small and large companies, providing you with a strategically developed plan, grant applications and a distinctive lobby. Stellwerk takes care of your complete project management or parts thereof, always tailored to suit your needs.

Establishing contacts, connecting people

Are you looking for adequate cooperation partners inside or outside the country’s borders, but do you feel obstructed by language barriers or differences in authorizations, decision-making processes, finance structures and management cultures?
Your consultant Stellwerk will bring you in touch with the right contact persons and will advise and, if desired, accompany you during the initial conversations.

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Brilliant ideas are rarely brought to life, and quality research papers often end up in a desk drawer. Stellwerk takes care of your lobby activities and engages in formal and informal conversations with decision makers in order to make things happen. In this process, Stellwerk’s strategic management draws from a range of resources, and decides what will work most efficiently for your project. This also entails targeted use of publicity in benefit of your goal. With Stellwerk as your consultant, the lobby will seem a piece of cake and grant assignment feels like a mere formality.

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Cross-border projects typically involve higher costs than other projects, but regular projects may also depend on grant funding. Stellwerk knows where and when to apply for a grant and how to play the funding field strategically. The partners behind Stellwerk have a wealth of experience regarding grant application to the State and the European Union.

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Communication and lay-out

Stellwerk provides professional communication, both spoken and written, in the contact towards your partners, companies and other (cross-border) contact persons. Naturally, Stellwerk will develop a clear lay-out to accompany the presentation of your lobby concepts, ensuring that you are able to deliver clear and consistent communication from start to finish.

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Event planning and moderation

From transnational grant projects to local collaborations – acceptance and recognition of your project are inextricably linked to its success. Your consultant Stellwerk sets up a publicity plan, and organizes all relevant meetings before, during and after your project; ranging from a festive opening or a press conference to a grand closing conference. Stellwerk can also be employed as moderator during conferences and workshops, when you need someone to lead conversations in the desired direction.

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Compleet projectmanagement

From the initial ideas and grant applications to the final details during implementation – Stellwerk is your consultant in concept development and project coordination for (cross-border) projects that need a solid foundation. Together with your company, Stellwerk will take all necessary measures to ensure your project will be convincing and prosperous. Stellwerk project management contains all services mentioned above, which can also be requested separately.

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